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About Us

Carefully selected

Carefully tailored with discerning travelers in mind, the Edeliving selection criteria for including a new Villa in our quality listings is very specific and demanding. Top locations generous living spaces, private pools, unparalleled facilities, comfortable bedrooms and avant-garde kitchens fully equipped with all necessities are just a few of the standards that all Edeliving Villas meet and exceed. The luxurious selection of Edeliving Villas goes beyond excellence while catering only those who value the experience of luxurious living. We are proud to offer some of the most precious jewels in Greece, world-class villas and luxury villa rentals that will surpass your imagination. This is the time for you to embark on luxurious living and we guarantee a once in a lifetime experience.

Perfect home-away-from-home

Edeliving collection of luxury villas is set to offer a perfect home-away from-home for anyone seeking the refined style and intimate ambience of a luxury villa with a range of unmatched facilities and amenities to cater to the diverse needs of residents and guests. Unlike staying in an impersonal hotel suite you can now indulge in total privacy and escape into the warmth of a personal oasis and enjoy the welcoming atmosphere, the outstanding amenities and the consistent quality of services. Embracing the true meaning of holidays Edeliving allows travelers to discover new destinations and surrender to the pleasures of luxurious hospitality and homely comfort.

Our brand promise

Our Villas are amongst the most renowned on the market. Their breathtaking locations, the matchless architectural style and elegant interiors are just some of Edeliving’s signature qualities. Each and every one of the properties featured has their own unique style, catering for individual needs in order to help you find the ideal Villa Rental for you and your family, friends or beloved ones. Pick you villa from our extensive selection and enjoy the most magical and memorable holidays imaginable.