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Top 5 Spring Hotel Offers in Greece

As spring has sprung many of us begin to feel the need to get away from it all, to relax and enjoy the sun, to breathe in the sprightful sea breeze and surrender to the u... Read more ›

I do, Greece

During the course of your life there were many questions you had to answer but there is one question that tops them all. Can you think of the question? Let me give you a ... Read more ›

The Top 5 Martini Bars in Greece

Whether wet or dry, stirred or shaken, with 3 olives or a slice of lemon, Martini is considered to be one of the most classic, iconic, chic and popular cocktails in the w... Read more ›


Puzzle your Memories from the Cyclades

Making your own picture puzzle is a significant and difficult task since each piece of the puzzle must be an exact match, in terms of size, shape and colour. So, ho... Read more ›

Fruity Flavoursome Italy

A drop of Italian heritage, Tuscan artistry, Roman grace and Venetian mystic, some sugar beet syrup from the sugar beet fields of Apulia, delicious blackberries from Umbr... Read more ›

Honeyscapes in Greece

Every journey is unique and every destination is matchless. But some special occasions are worth an exceptional voyage. Elite travellers seeking to experience a wedding a... Read more ›